Talaa 12 … When a Riad chooses you as a host

Situated in the historic center of the medina, near the Kouba, a delightful Riad, of gracious forms, proposes a traditional atmosphere on a contemporary architecture with a sober and refined character.
The marriage of colors, and the distinguished and sophisticated materials give the property a comforting and serene atmosphere, enlightening its architecture with a minimal decoration.

Real interior garden with orange trees and palm trees circling around the fountain, is presented in the form of a gracious terrace. Large terraces suggest an exceptional 360-degree view over the medina and the Menzeh (high tower) which dominate Marrakech museum, the Ben Youssef Medresa (koranic institute) and the souks, with the Atlas Mountains as background.
All combined to make it an exceptional place.

What is a Riad?

The “Dars” or “Riads” incarnate the essence of Moroccan traditional architecture and are situated in the medinas of the kingdom and the Arab world. If the word “dar” translate to house, “Riad” means garden in Arabic. Invisible to travelers who walk through derbs “small streets” of the ancient city “medina”, these Riads, closed to exterior views, and of trivial doors, leave nothing of their charms to walkers. Upon its entrance, the Riad welcomes you, to a wide patio, open to the sky, with a garden, devised in four, around the center fountain, which is a temporal representation of heaven in the Quran.
The Riad is a spacious house, organized around a patio, of one to three stores, with an open court to the roofs of the medina. it’s completely locked to the outsiders by its high austere and secret walls, with small openings that protect it from the heat and the excitement of the medina. The ground floor is dedicated to common space and rooms are in the first floor, which allow peaceful and pleasant stay, protected from the effects of time, re-centered over its interior, far from exterior excitement.
The stay in a Riad room of the medina of Marrakech is an unforgettable experience.

Talaa12 : Tranquility and luxurious stay in the heart of the medina of Marrakech

The Talaa12 Riad is a very particular Riad because, to find it, you will have to cross the Jemaa el fna square to perhaps be lost in the souks and the small shopping streets surrounding it and participate to the excitement of curiosities meeting with craftsmen and merchants.
It engages you even more, towards the heart, towards this km 0, at the birth of the medina of Marrakech, at the exact place of the KOUBBA, religious building erected in 1117 which is the ablution basin for the believers going to the Ben Youssef mosque, first Fountain of Marrakech and last vestige of the dynasty of the Almoravids.
There is situated the talaa12 Riad, in a beautiful clear lightened square, of 600m², having a high tower, a Menzeh (area reserved to the master of the house) and large terraces that offers a 360-degree view over the medina and the Atlas Mountains.
It took 2 years of works, renovation and restauration and another year of decoration to resuscitate this beautiful Riad, using natural and traditional techniques of reconstruction, such as the use of dried earth bricks instead of concrete. Using the art of working the earth, iron, lime and plaster, wood, faience, with zelliges, bejmat and tadelakt … gives back the Riad its past splendor, by the luxury of ancestral Moroccan know-how.
All these longue hours spent with craftsmen, with patience and passion, allowed Talaa12 Riad to welcome prestigious hosts in its 8 rooms offering them luxury, calm and serenity, and making talaa12 Riad become more the just a hotel, but a place of scenery and healing, a unique place among all the hotels available in the medina of Marrakech.